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About me

Elias de Garay


Finally, that’s me! Nice to meet you, whoever you are! As you read before, my name is Elias. I like complicated tasks. If the challenge doesn’t test me and my skills, then it’s not that exciting. I have a deep passion for practical, useful, and simple things. Whether it’s writing, creating an app, or designing a website, I enjoy it!

I delight in cooperation because I believe it leads to the best results. I am fun, friendly, and easy-going.


Here is what I can do 

UI jeweler

Crafting UI looks to me like the work of a jeweler or a sculptor. With a meticulous eye for detail, I craft polished icons, buttons, and layouts, harmonizing colors, typography, and spacing to create captivating digital experiences. Through this skill, I transform ordinary interfaces into artistic masterpieces.

UX naturalist

In other way, UX reminds me of the work of a naturalist and observation of the environment. Through empathetic research and journey analysis, I uncover user pain points and needs. This skill enables me to craft intuitive, seamless experiences that feel organic and user-driven.

Info architect

Information reminds me of Lego. With a keen focus on user experience, I craft intuitive navigation, categorize content, and ensure seamless interactions on digital platforms. By merging user preferences with business objectives, I create effective content delivery systems that prioritize efficient retrieval and comprehension.


Here is what I have done so far


Landing Page


Agriculture Marketplace


Robust Delivery


Cutting Edge Learning


Innovative Shopping


Here is what others have to say 
I am pleased to recommend Elias for his work on our projects UX/UI. Elias’s efficient approach and strong comprehension allowed them to promptly ask the right questions and produce some incredibly beneficial research to further the project’s vision.
Matt Bamber
Project Manager
One interesting thing about Elias, besides his keen attention to detail and exceptional UI design skills, is his unwavering honesty and conscientiousness regarding time management. Working with him on Cubeseed Africa, Elias consistently delivered on his promises and adhered to scheduled timelines.
Chinonyelum Mbafeno
Product Manager
Elias is a great UX designer and I could always count on him to make thoughtful user-lead designs. Elias is a hard worker who is constantly looking to be the best product designer he can be with a thirst for knowledge and a strong work ethic, Anyone would be happy to have them on their team.
Sat Kirpal Garcia
UX Designer
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